WhatsApp Rebranding

Expressing simple, personal connection.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with over 1 billion users in 180 countries. This project is part of an assignment submission for my COM3134 Corporate Identity Design class, where the brief was to inject fun to an existing brand. As a result, this rebranding of WhatsApp injects elements of fun and play into their brand, while maintaining their existing look.

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Note: All details and information regarding WhatsApp Inc is fictional and is written with the assignment brief in mind.

Simple, personal, connection.

That’s the core of WhatsApp’s service, the value that they provide to their users. It’s a strong set of beliefs, values and attributes that guides their actions and reflect the spirit of the company.

WhatsApp wants to build a more connected world. With over a 30 billion messages sent daily, they require a strong brand behind their service, and to help bring their goals to greater heights.

The Double Check is the primary representation of the WhatsApp brand. It is a visual metaphor of WhatsApp’s core value proposition and vision. A simple way to messaging, and that they always deliver. It also forms the “W” of WhatsApp.

This new logo strives to maintain existing elements from the previous logo as to not alienate existing users, but instead adding minor enhancements to create a more pleasing and friendlier logo.

Emoji Swarm

Emoji Swarm WhatsApp has a fun, expressive and dynamic corporate culture, and we feel that should be shown in the brand. Emojis has always been a part of their history. WhatsApp was the platform where emojis initially gained traction, and it is still the platform where many users use emojis to express themselves the most.

Emoji Swarm is our solution in communicating not only about their users and their history, but also about their corporate culture. It is a swarm of emojis that serves as a design element in our communication materials. It represents human connection and expression. The Emoji Swarm system should be present in all external marketing communication materials. It is:

  1. Distinctive
    Emoji Swarm is identified by its distinctive swarm of emoji characters across a medium. The swarm represents connections.
  2. Dynamic
    Emoji Swarm should feel dynamic. It allows an infinitely variable arrangement which should be taken advantage of.
  3. Versatile
    Emoji Swarm can be used across any kind of medium. From the small corner of a business card to the large canvas of a billboard — it just works.

Corporate letterhead Corporate letterhead

Business Cards

Business Card We want WhatsApp to celebrate each of their employee’s individual uniqueness. Therefore, their business cards should be every bit equal to their personality.

We encourage employees to arrange their own Emoji Swarm, with a titular emoji highlighted in green that they believe it represents them the most.

The result is a highly personalized business card that includes the employee as part of the creation process. Leaving a strong sense that it is something truly their own.

Brand Guidelines

Style guide

A full brand guidelines was created to ensure consistent brand communication across all their marketing and communication channels and to maintain brand integrity. The brand guide contains guidelines on how to use the brand assets and brand elements consistently and properly.

A full PDF of the brand guidelines can be downloaded here.