Case Study

Maybank2u Mobile Redesign

Making financing more human.

Maybank2u is the internet banking portal of Maybank, Malaysia's largest bank — positioning itself as the one stop portal for all online financial needs such as banking, payments, insurance and stock broking.

In 2015, Maybank hosted a UI/UX design competition offering students an opportunity in redesigning their mobile site — and this was my submission! This redesign focuses deeply on delivering a high functional value for the user, while balancing the needs of Maybank's goals and visions to humanise financial services. The redesign was awarded the 1st runner-up prize, and also marked my first foray into UI/UX design.

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The Approach

You, Maybank and Aesthetics

Delivering functional value

In the eyes of users, Maybank2u is simply a functional tool to perform financial transactions. Users who come on the site often have a specific goal in mind to achieve. It is our duty to identify and help them achieve their goals more efficiently by means of a strong human-centered design. Deeply understanding their needs will therefore be this design’s top priority.

Humanising financial services

Banks are often seen as monotonous corporate establishments devoid of emotions. Understanding this, Maybank wants to humanise financial services by providing convenient access to financing, and being at the heart of the community. In this design, we want the users to feel as if they’re interacting with a person rather than a corporate entity.

The Solution

Hello screen // Login page

A simple hello can mean a thousand words. For Maybank, it is to humanise financial services. This design emphasizes greatly on human interaction, making Maybank feel a lot less like a corporate entity, but more like an actual human interaction.

As the main landing page, we want to minimize the number of steps needed for the user to accomplish his or her goal. Therefore, the login interface is implemented directly in the homepage, making the experience feel more efficient.

Welcome back // Main page

As you open the page, the website greets you. You can’t help but feel loved.

Mobile users are fast. They need to be quick. And they want to be efficient. Maybank2u users log on primarily to do two things: to check their balance, and to transfer funds/make payments1. The result is this home page. Their balance is readily available, and to make a transfer/payment is just a mere click away.

1 In an informal survey done among friends who were Maybank2u users

Transferring funs

Transferring funds That’s not a typo. Transferring funds is no longer a scary, corporate-y process. Everything feels simplified, and Maybank reassures you that your transaction has been successful.

Designed for thumbs

Designed for thumbs overlay Our phones have been getting larger. Our thumbs haven’t. Using and navigating the mobile site shouldn’t be a physically tiring affair. As a result, this redesign gives careful consideration into not putting frequently used controls in hard to reach areas.